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Writer’s block

Hey guyz!! I was feeling extremely bored and felt the need to talk to some audience.

But of course, that ain’t possible with neighbors or friends on a Sunday. And then I realized, I had my blog.

So today, I, the writer of this blog, am going to acknowledge one of the issues troubling the great masses of the world; writer’s block.

Writer’s block

a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece -Merriam Webster

The feeling  of a mental drought, as though the art of imagining and writing has been just sucked away from the brain and a thought of never being ever to author something ever again replacing its place.

This is a very common “disorder” (as I call it) with me. And I usually have long periods where I don’t write anything. And then, after recovering, the ideas which take birth aren’t exactly what you would call interesting.

So, how exactly do you get away and far from writer’s block and get fresh content?

I found the answer. Its easy and works.

The easiest way is to one morning, fill your wallet with cash and get into your car to go on a loooooooooooooooooooooong ride. When hunger calls, eat whatever you eat on the way, and meet different people. Be yourself and let the free spirit of your soul go wild. And for one day, be the person you’ve never been; you. 

And am pretty sure when you’re back home, your writer’s block would have bade you farewell.

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Life- simply put

Life is beautiful. Beauty has flaws. So, ultimately, life has flaws. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have beauty.

Life surely is a roller-coaster ride. But it is your choice to scream or enjoy.

There may be many ups and downs, which test you, try to check if you qualify for “LIFE.” But you should never be put down by them, because, who wants to fail an exam, which if passing would mean a lot of enjoyment?! 😉

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How my laughter saves me

Hasn’t there ever been a day, when you sent to bed thinking how stupid and bring had your day been? How uninteresting and revolting had it been? Well, hat surely means that it was a day when you haven’t laughed.

A day when you don’t laugh is a day wasted.

Laughter, is, like, the best way by which all our sadness vaporizes into nothingness. Laughter has many, many benefits too.

You may be very surprised and happy to hear, but…*whispers* Laughter helps to lose weight! No joking!

So…well, start laughing now! What are you waiting for?


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See the future

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How awesome it would be

if life was easy

How cool it would be,

if I knew what was to come

How wonderful it would be

if I saw the future

How fantastic it would be

if I wrote my own future


If only I had an ink pen

which would make wishes come true

If only I had that pen

which would make whatever I write

become reality!


How awesome it would be

if I could see what storm was to come

How cool it would be

if I could see that rainbow which was about to come after the storm!!

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Kindness seed

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When people say that the world is safe

When people say this is our home

When people say that everyone is one,

Do they realize that its kindness we want?


The world is safe, except for the battles and wars

The world is our home, not the birds’ or animals’

Everyone is one, yet every one is different

Is kindness just too much to ask

Is kindness not a basic need

Is kindness a form of stupidity


so I shall sow the kindness seed

and prove human folly



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Vampire thief

4:30 AM.

I hid behind the tree silently as I saw the masked man threaten a commoner. He grabbed his cash purse and waved his knife near the commoner’s neck, muttering something with glee. The commoner positively trembled with fear.

I just peeped there, I couldn’t do a thing, me myself being a frail coward teen boy. I looked up, the clouds fazed away and the sun rose into the sky, the light filtering through the tree leaves.

There was a sudden movement and a quickly glanced at the pair of them.  The masked man glanced up and even though he was masked, I could see fear pulsing through him. His hand trembled and the commoner seemed too petrified to make a run for it while his attacked was distracted.

Slowly something seemed to grow around the masked man’s skin and his eyes widened beneath his mask. He looked around and he suddenly spotted me behind the tree. I was stunned. He was astonished.

He frantically looked around and as the seconds passed, I saw his skin reflecting light, they were shimmering…like sequins. The commoner muttered some words with fear.

The masked man loosened his grip on the commoner’s neck and I saw his eyes relax silently, he grinned beneath the mask.

The masked man raised his arm, which was now just a blinding flash of silver, and slashed the knife on the commoner’s neck.

The man kneeled on the ground and cried of pain and fear. The masked man’s grin was crooked now. He pulled the purse of money and , to my astonishment, disappeared in a swish of cloak.

I just stared after him, a silence reverberating only punctuated by te commoner’s wails…The masked man’s a vampire.