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Words of wisdom,

hands of art,

mind of Einstein,

but she was set apart…


talented brains

and a brave heart

skillful hands

still she was set apart….


You think you can suppress us,

You think we can be put back,

You think our skills can be bottled

You think we’ll fade…


Not anymore…

Just see the flame burn away.

Just see the blaze rise.

Just wait till we explode,

Oh we’re ready to fight!


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Perspective-mindful musing

Image result for Perspective tumblr wallpaperI just realized how lucky I was.

I got a good home, good food, good clothes, good education, good friends and good everything. Like literally everything.

But still, I can’t help complaining about how long has it been since I last had a piece of chocolate cake, which by the way was 1 week back only.

I can’t stop whining about buying a new bag which is in the trend. I really do want a really fast Rubix cube, RIGHT NOW.

I want that beautiful, awesome, super cool, fanta-fabulous fast-writing pen IMMEDIATELY because all of them have it!

And without asking, I get supplied with tons of books related to Maths and Science and Social and Physics and Chemistry and Biology and blah blah blah 😦  “Grow up and become an engineer or doctor” is a very common phrase heard by a student.

I do not want to eat the same lunch everyday, I can’t stand the same food for two different meals of the same day. I WANT a variety. Yes I do.

And when I’m demanding all these AND being provided these, I can’t help wonder about those’s life where they can’t imagine their next meal without working hard now. Those who die working everyday to educate their children, those whose life are mingled with sadness and dullness, spun with tragedy and despair to watch people having more that what they should and wasting more that what they should.

Yes, it hurts me a lot to think of their lives, those poor unfortunate souls which no one bothers to help. Still, I don’t see why people don’t bother to help someone like them in need.

Of course, another human is like your brother/sister. You HAVE to show humanity. You are humane. Your are kind. You are helpful. You are caring. So you got to help people.

But how may of us actually do that?


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Time to change the world

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I was sitting by the park,

in the shining sunset’s dark

with the big moon glowing

I feel my time flowing…


I know that I’ve not got my eternal life

to free the world from trickery and rife

The big watch on my hand  says

time is ticking, ticking away


Its funny how watches have got more

But the time we have is being lost

But, I know its now or never

to change the world forever


So here I am sitting in the park

with the tree’s shadow on me, dark

Here I’m wondering if I could do,

to change the world and paint a better hue…

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Kindness seed

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When people say that the world is safe

When people say this is our home

When people say that everyone is one,

Do they realize that its kindness we want?


The world is safe, except for the battles and wars

The world is our home, not the birds’ or animals’

Everyone is one, yet every one is different

Is kindness just too much to ask

Is kindness not a basic need

Is kindness a form of stupidity


so I shall sow the kindness seed

and prove human folly