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Diamonds from the bejeweled

crown of the queen,

Glistening under the sun,

collected in basket of breeze,

and of flowers which sing merrily

to match the occasion of clustering jewels

Bead by bead from the brook,

and on the leaves of the springing shoot,

Dew drops, rain fall and water beads

beauteous nature’s wealthy pearls…


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Dew drops

 Image result for Dew dropsSliding and slipping down the leaf,

Stealing through under the morning breeze,

Cold crystal’s mirroring breathe,

Glistening dew drops on the leaves.



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Different perspective

I sat on a leaf, dreaming lazily. I saw many people young, old alike, jogging. I yawned.

‘I guess I need to evaporate now…its getting pretty hot.’ I muttered to myself as the sun rose up on the horizon, glowing brighter and brighter. I felt the sun light scorching me and then I disappeared in a wisp of vapor.

Hi. I’m a water drop.

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The sea

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The salinity in the cool, hugging breeze,

The chillness of the sea’s air creating a freeze,

The sounding of bellowing ships in water

The busy part of the sea’s harbor

The wet porous sand licking my feet

The summer sun’s boring heat



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Water in the pond

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The water stays still

in the majestic blue pond

Its aura mesmerizes

and puts through an internal bond

Rings of stunning ripples flow

from movement in the stillness

The ends of water lilies go

deep into the blue chillness