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Bewitchment of night…

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The darkness asks me to search for  the stars,

the haven of peace, which houses the moon,

The lady of luminosity, who’s abode in the moon,

A radiant face in the blanket of black

Escort of the midnight vibes,

The pearls of stars, embroidered and speckled,

Clustered together in a necklace of    love

Says the night, wake up. You’re missing heaven.


Art · Beauty · nature · Poem · Writing


Image result for abstract Star wallpaper

The spots of white in the dark

disappear the next day without a mark

glint eye-catching-ly like diamonds

probably they are real gem stones

Riches and gem stone made by man

intended to surprise, impress and stun

But nature’s gem stones just intrigue

if counting them would make wishes come true!


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Burn like a star

Show what you’re worth

Future isn’t far

So step ahead and forth

Let your passion burn

Let your instincts churn

Cuz success ain’t easy

But it surely is, truly feisty…


P.S Don’t kill me if it doesn’t make sense.      😛

Let me know (in the comments, of course! 😉  ) what you think of this…this…poem