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Reality reflects…


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There stood a girl with a frown on her face

Her cheeks were sunken and her hair astray

She was too lean, too pale,

probably bulimia had taken its toll…

I looked at her sadly,

only to realize that I was looking at a mirror…


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Strength of weakness being known…

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 I know my strengths better than anyone else does…and I also know my weaknesses better than anybody else…

So….ultimately, unless I reveal my negatives and weakness to anybody, even the very trusted, nobody’s gonna know the perfect way to defeat me. If my defects are being publicized by me myself, then the chances of an enemy using it all up and trying to draw a perfect map to defeat me in the most easiest way is like, 100%.

And doesn’t that mean if I don’t reveal my weaknesses to anyone, I remain a mystery person with no negatives, and thus, no way to be defeated? 😉





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The sing-song voice

I want to dream and sing aloud

But I wasn’t blessed to do that now…


No voice as smooth as a damsel’s

No voice as sweet as almonds

No voice to even speak nice

Ah, what a tragedy of my life!


The sing song voice,

I want it now!

I want to sing

to feel that mesmerizing joy

rising from my throat

To feel that burning fire of warmth,

and the songs to sing and things to gloat!