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Heavenly rain

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The cool breeze darkens the sky

makes me freeze and sit to admire

The sky beckones me with its fluttering leaves

and greets me with its enveloping breeze.


I feel the enhancing smell from the sands

as animals flee to sheds from land

The first lightning hits the sky

the bolt, so eye-catchingly bright


and then echoes the thunder

making heavy droplets fall

from the heavens to earth’s floor


I walk beneath the rainy skies

The water vaporizing my sadness high

The only human amid the rain

in the empty lands where the rain celebrates


Here I am, the only one to care

to celebrate and enjoy a rainy day…



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Different perspective

I sat on a leaf, dreaming lazily. I saw many people young, old alike, jogging. I yawned.

‘I guess I need to evaporate now…its getting pretty hot.’ I muttered to myself as the sun rose up on the horizon, glowing brighter and brighter. I felt the sun light scorching me and then I disappeared in a wisp of vapor.

Hi. I’m a water drop.

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The ribbon bursts from a cloud,

a burst of beautiful colors

It pierces the enchanting sky

with beauty impossible to create by jewelers.


A blast of shimmering hue

displaying every color I ever loved

The seven colored path and dazzling band

beauty of colors which never glowed




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The smell of rain

With my gumboots on,

I stand on the sand,

Rain drops dribbles

I love the smell, of the sand    🙂


As the rain drop falls,

On the soil speck

I can’t help, but feel

The shiver rising down my neck


The rain falls down,

Gushing faster

I see ‘em drops

Reflect and luster


They quickly fill the puddles and holes,

And stick and dribble on the standing poles


So it’s time for me to gloat,

About those perfect paper boats,

As they float right in them puddles~! 😀