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To try or not to try

Hey guys! I am back!!!

Long time since I posted, I know…but i just escaped from the clutches of depression, anxiety, migraines from tons of homework…

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this was probably wat kept me alive this week

Standing up high with the scars of tears still stained on the face,

I could see, through my unfazed eyes how far I had come

I had come this far and I know I can’t let go…

To fight the echoes in the mind yelling give up…Oh you can’t do it….

I just tried walking a bit further

resisting and walking further












I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t tried…



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Pitch black

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Pearly white mist wavering in the aura

and a blob of white

glowing in the arches of heaven

held up by tall pillars of green and brown..

Soft hoots and waving leaves,

moving branches and dancing trees,

the still sounds when the clock strikes twelve

and the howls of wolves at far distant…

All existed till man did




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Dragon lair

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His mask was half eaten by fire

when he stepped out from the dragon lair

fine sweat beading his forehead

But a mysterious smirk curled on his lips, unsaid

The long sword encrusted with jewels

will speak of his gallantry and undying bravery

The blood smears on the same shimmering sword

will speak of his belittled achievements




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See the future

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How awesome it would be

if life was easy

How cool it would be,

if I knew what was to come

How wonderful it would be

if I saw the future

How fantastic it would be

if I wrote my own future


If only I had an ink pen

which would make wishes come true

If only I had that pen

which would make whatever I write

become reality!


How awesome it would be

if I could see what storm was to come

How cool it would be

if I could see that rainbow which was about to come after the storm!!

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Heavenly rain

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The cool breeze darkens the sky

makes me freeze and sit to admire

The sky beckones me with its fluttering leaves

and greets me with its enveloping breeze.


I feel the enhancing smell from the sands

as animals flee to sheds from land

The first lightning hits the sky

the bolt, so eye-catchingly bright


and then echoes the thunder

making heavy droplets fall

from the heavens to earth’s floor


I walk beneath the rainy skies

The water vaporizing my sadness high

The only human amid the rain

in the empty lands where the rain celebrates


Here I am, the only one to care

to celebrate and enjoy a rainy day…



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The spots of white in the dark

disappear the next day without a mark

glint eye-catching-ly like diamonds

probably they are real gem stones

Riches and gem stone made by man

intended to surprise, impress and stun

But nature’s gem stones just intrigue

if counting them would make wishes come true!