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Early sculpture


And this is you can see…elephant. And I did my best to try and imitate a style to give it a look of a real stone-carving of the ancient ages.

How has it turned out?  🙂

Poem · Writing

Market. (rhyming)

Image result for old arab market

The sun dawns and the salesmen set out for another long and exhausting day. Wearing colorful cotton to cover themselves from summer May. Sitting alongside the street, as the dust drifts up. The vendors lay a blanket and open their shop. Bangles, chains, necklaces, anklets, bracelets stacked on the mat. Set in front of them, the men on their mat.Echoes their screams, calling out their goods.Ranging from ornaments, clothing, utensils, jewelry, decorative pieces and foods.

The market, buzzing with people, is noisy and magical. A trip to the market, seriously is fantastical.