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Bewitchment of night…

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The darkness asks me to search for  the stars,

the haven of peace, which houses the moon,

The lady of luminosity, who’s abode in the moon,

A radiant face in the blanket of black

Escort of the midnight vibes,

The pearls of stars, embroidered and speckled,

Clustered together in a necklace of    love

Says the night, wake up. You’re missing heaven.


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The streets

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Gloomy, are the streets,

with the fearing night creeping on them

Silence echoing

Slowly emerge a couple of glowing orbs

The innocent eyes of a child in rags

glowing with sadness and despair

Sunken cheeks and pale, pale face

questioning why this stake

for food?

Why this stake

for life?

Why this stake

against me?


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To be happy

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After waking up every morning, be happy…cuz you’re still alive.

Before sleeping every night, be grateful to god…cuz you have just ended this day and an ending is after all a new beginning.

And between every day and every night, do something which will make your heart glow with joy…


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A glow in the dark

A star in the night

A light in deep plight

Bits of guts in the fright


Like gems studding a black chain

Glimmering like truth

Like rain in the barren land

Like winning against a brute


Its all what hope is about

All that it really is.

Its hope that you really sought

Give everything else a rest…