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Piece of art

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Every blooming flower and every strong tree,

is just another beautiful sketch in God’s heavenly canvas,

(namely,) our lovely, dear earth.

The pearls  of heaven adorning the fields

the carpet of the green grass tickling my feet

the beautiful blend of clouds in the sky,

making me realize how small and insignificant am I

the vibrant colors, the spirit of life

add little more than happiness

to the joys of the earth…



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Bewitchment of night…

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The darkness asks me to search for  the stars,

the haven of peace, which houses the moon,

The lady of luminosity, who’s abode in the moon,

A radiant face in the blanket of black

Escort of the midnight vibes,

The pearls of stars, embroidered and speckled,

Clustered together in a necklace of    love

Says the night, wake up. You’re missing heaven.


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Image result for broke heart

The ice cream melts slowly

as she sits there waiting

knowing it could be her stupidity

or more than that, maybe a betrayal

But she waits, just hoping against hope

that it ain’t no joke,

no lie,

but at last nothing remains,

except molten cream and a broken heart….

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Cold heart


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Among those gazillion creatures with heart

stood one pale being with a frozen heart

Cruel and cold

How could you have such a soul?

For there ain’t  nothing crueler than

a frozen human heart

How could you even dare

wipe the forest and not care

How could you even kill

your kith and kin

and make them fauna homeless

How could you survive with so many sins

Your ice cold heart

With your cold hard soul,

bemark my words, oh mankind

Your end is coming near

                                                                                                            and near….




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The grave

The moonlight darkens around me

The wind remains roaring

Their tears start welling,

as my hand stops shaking

The trees remain swaying

As my heart stops beating…


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Perishing playgrounds

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One fine day, I remember my mom telling me, that when they were children, playing in the sun wouldn’t mean getting tanned, getting sun burnt, getting bitten by mosquitoes, catching diseases or getting infected.

It was a part of their lifetime;playing.

But now, it surely is very hard to digest that concrete jungles and tar roads make it unable for children to even play.

Playing is like one of the basic amenities of life. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

But now, its not only Jack, but millions of kids out there, with their eyes glued to smartphones, with no time to even imagine what playing with friends could really be.

To me myself, playing seems like a far-fetched dream. There are roads, shops, buildings, apartments, houses, libraries, malls and schools, but no playground can be seen.

Don’t deny it people, by making life better for yourself, you are making life miserable for the upcoming generation.

Let us be free.





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To be happy

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After waking up every morning, be happy…cuz you’re still alive.

Before sleeping every night, be grateful to god…cuz you have just ended this day and an ending is after all a new beginning.

And between every day and every night, do something which will make your heart glow with joy…