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Happiness lies in believing in yourself.

Never give less than your best,

It matters not if you win or lose

Because life isn’t winning or losing

Its about living.

Living happily.




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Want inspiration and encouragement to win?

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Every thing will be alright.

Keep hope in your heart.

You were born to win, my dear.

Don’t let em fools stand in your way.

Just remember that they’re jealous,

and be happy cuz they are only because you are better than em…

Everything will be alright

You will win one day

Failure will not block your way everyday

Yes, you were unique

cuz you were born a champion


Everything will be alright

Luck  ain’t no more required

When you’ve got talent by your  side

You were destined to be a champion….

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Glory of success


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Raising above the horizon

I have tried my best till I won

Finally catching a glimpse of glory

A lot of triumph for someone with whom hard work and hope worked with harmony…

Raising above the horizon

Shining bright like the night’s moon

I now shine bright in the arched sky

I worked hard for my success, I love today!


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With the head held high

And the tornado ahead

The face contorted with rage

The world is biased

Because success was what I thought would be mine

But the tornado and competition made it no longer mine

But I know what to do

Face the storm so that you don’t later rue

The people may boo

But success is yours.

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Key to a happy life

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When days grow stormy and dark

And life suddenly seems to be becoming stark

When the cyclone doesn’t clear away,

When the rainbow just refuses to stay

When you think you are going downhill

Juts stop for a moment and smile a little

Laugh for a moment and turn around and see

how better your life can be

A smile and a laugh and a little sing

Will change everything