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And she disappeared into a mere photograph…




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The grave

The moonlight darkens around me

The wind remains roaring

Their tears start welling,

as my hand stops shaking

The trees remain swaying

As my heart stops beating…


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Sia coughed, wrapping her hands around her as the rain drops hit us hard.

‘Sophie, I think we should go home. But how do we, in this rain?’ She asked me. I stood as helpless as her. She coughed again, shivering.
Sia is my best friend, more like my little sister. ‘And I am not letting her fall sick’ Something screamed inside me.
‘Here, wear it.’ I said, handing my wet coat to her. She glanced at it and shook her head. ‘No, you wear it. You may fall sick.’
‘No. I say you wear it. You realize it that this is probably the last time we are hanging out since you are moving far, far away?’ I said to her stiffly. She gave a tiny nod before wearing the jacket. And, now it was my turn to shiver.

3 years later.
I and Sia are still best friends, even though it’s been years since she moved to Scotland. We are pen-pals, we write letters to each other.
Bu the best part now, is that I’m in Scotland!!!
You heard me right, yes, I’m in Scotland.
Not that I have moved here or something, but my parents allowed me to come here to visit my friend. Sia’s reply, when I said her that I was coming to Scotland, was cheerful when a third person read it. But when I read it, I felt the difference. She totally didn’t project her true feeling in the letter. Anyway, she asked me to wait near a prominent graveyard where she’ll meet me.
Strange, though not truthfully. Sia is someone who loved haunted happenings, paranormal activities and ghosts and stuff. She might pop in front of me, wearing her Halloween costume, trying to scare me.
Whatever. I’m excited to see her though.
Time passed, until it was one hour past the time she told me that she’ll meet me. The sun was sinking and there was no sight of her. I was starting to wonder if she wanted to see me or not.
‘Excuse me, you are Sophie?’ A voice said in a strong foreign accent. I turned around to see a girl clad in a midnight blue dress.
I nodded. ‘Yes, but I do not recognize you.’ I said to her.
‘You are waiting for someone?’ She said, ignoring my reply. I nodded again.
‘I am here as I was told to pass on a message to you.’ She said
A message? For me?
‘Go on.’ I said to her, a frown appearing on my face.
‘You will find it there.’ The girl pointed towards the first graveyard. I stared at it for a moment before turning. ‘What are-‘ I stopped mid sentence.
The girl had disappeared. The hairs on my neck raised.
Shivering slightly, I walked inside the graveyard to the grave which she pointed.
The grave was small and had a piece of folded cloth on it along with a note. I sat down and began reading the note.
Sophie, my dearest friend. This is Sia. I missed you a lot. It was very awesome of you to come and meet me, but funny you could have come a year earlier. You could have met me…But now you can’t, although I can see you sitting here and reading this. A year back was when I had a car crash. Which I didn’t survive.
I stopped reading quickly, my eyes filled with tears automatically.
NO! Sia has to be joking! She’s here, playing pranks like usual. If she had really..died, then how did I receive letters for the past one year after her so-called death? Sia is a childish girl who loved her little pranks.
I looked around, searching for Sia. ‘SIA!’ I screamed. No reply. She wasn’t there. I felt a chill down my spine.
I bent down and continued reading.
Very sad ending, I had. I know. I died in a very painful way…Anyway, we will never see each other again and it pains me to say that. But there is something which I owed you, Sophie. Take that cloth with you.
And with that, the letter ended. Tears dribbled down my cheeks as I picked up the cloth and unfolded it. Sia, died?
I gasped.
It was the same jacket I had given to her on a rainy day, 3 years back. Something which she didn’t have a chance to return to me, but now she has done it. A note fell from that.
Sophie. Its so lonely here without you, you know. I want you here. So I will bring you here. It maybe painful, you know, dying. But still…  -Sia
My eyes widened in shock. I felt my heart turn lead and legs become jelly. I heard a high pitched scream, screeching sounds. I spun around quickly, fear etched on my face as darkness closed around me completely.
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I lifted the doll and looked at it adoringly.

‘Bella, from where did you get that doll?’ Mom asked me.

‘Picked it from the garbage bin..’ I said.

‘What? Throw that! Immediately! We aren’t that poor that my daughter has to go picking things from the trash bin.’ Mom snapped.

‘er…alright.’ I said to mom, but carried it to my room, hidden out of sight of mom.

‘……lanana…lala…’ I sung a lullaby, making the doll sleep and then I slept too.

Next day-

I rubbed my eyes and opened them. 10:30, the clock read.


‘MOM!’ I yelled as I sprung out of bed. Where’s she? She should’ve woken me up! School began 3 hours ago!

I strode to her room angrily. ‘Mom. Why didn’t yo-‘  I stopped mid-sentence.

I gasped suddenly and walked quickly to the bed.

My heart thumped.

Mom wasn’t there. But there was my doll.

What’s she doing here? She was next to me yesterday night…

And next to my doll lay a knife covered in blood and a small piece of paper.

I unfolded it. It read-

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Vampire thief

4:30 AM.

I hid behind the tree silently as I saw the masked man threaten a commoner. He grabbed his cash purse and waved his knife near the commoner’s neck, muttering something with glee. The commoner positively trembled with fear.

I just peeped there, I couldn’t do a thing, me myself being a frail coward teen boy. I looked up, the clouds fazed away and the sun rose into the sky, the light filtering through the tree leaves.

There was a sudden movement and a quickly glanced at the pair of them.  The masked man glanced up and even though he was masked, I could see fear pulsing through him. His hand trembled and the commoner seemed too petrified to make a run for it while his attacked was distracted.

Slowly something seemed to grow around the masked man’s skin and his eyes widened beneath his mask. He looked around and he suddenly spotted me behind the tree. I was stunned. He was astonished.

He frantically looked around and as the seconds passed, I saw his skin reflecting light, they were shimmering…like sequins. The commoner muttered some words with fear.

The masked man loosened his grip on the commoner’s neck and I saw his eyes relax silently, he grinned beneath the mask.

The masked man raised his arm, which was now just a blinding flash of silver, and slashed the knife on the commoner’s neck.

The man kneeled on the ground and cried of pain and fear. The masked man’s grin was crooked now. He pulled the purse of money and , to my astonishment, disappeared in a swish of cloak.

I just stared after him, a silence reverberating only punctuated by te commoner’s wails…The masked man’s a vampire.