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The ice cream melts slowly

as she sits there waiting

knowing it could be her stupidity

or more than that, maybe a betrayal

But she waits, just hoping against hope

that it ain’t no joke,

no lie,

but at last nothing remains,

except molten cream and a broken heart….

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Cold heart


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Among those gazillion creatures with heart

stood one pale being with a frozen heart

Cruel and cold

How could you have such a soul?

For there ain’t  nothing crueler than

a frozen human heart

How could you even dare

wipe the forest and not care

How could you even kill

your kith and kin

and make them fauna homeless

How could you survive with so many sins

Your ice cold heart

With your cold hard soul,

bemark my words, oh mankind

Your end is coming near

                                                                                                            and near….




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To be happy

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After waking up every morning, be happy…cuz you’re still alive.

Before sleeping every night, be grateful to god…cuz you have just ended this day and an ending is after all a new beginning.

And between every day and every night, do something which will make your heart glow with joy…


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I have a story

I sat there, on a bench in the pavement pretending to be a homeless poor boy, looking for stories.

As an author, I am supposed to actually have good ideas replenished always in my head, but that’s exactly what it is not. I am experiencing a mental drought. A very long writer’s block has overtook me, making me sometimes wonder if my brain still exists or has it evaporated out of its abode.

I yawned watching the old man crooning over, trying to sell his homemade candies to the peopl on the street.

But he had no luck, of course. Who wants cheap hand made lollies which can be unhygienic when you have melt-in-your-mouth delicious imported chocolates which are totally awesome desserts.  ( except the fact that they add to your weight.) 

The old man, failing with every person on the road, walked to the last person he saw. Me.

‘Here take my candies, son.’ He said trying to hand me a few candies.

‘Oh no sir. I don’t have enough cash.’ I lied quickly as my mouth watered slightly. The old man smiled and shook his head.

‘I spend a good 4 hours making them candies, but nobody buys. I don’t wanna feed them to the dustbin, and I suppose, you could have them, son. For free.’

My mouth hung open.

‘Oh sir, no. That’s too much of–‘ The man stuffed a few candies into my hand and grinned showing a few teeth missing.

I paused for a moment. Then,

‘In that case,’ I said dunking my hand into my pocket. ‘The candies are mine. And this is yours.’ I said fishing out nearly 50 dollars and thrusting it into his hand before disappearing through the path.

My heart felt warm even though the weather was teeth chattering.

But then, I knew I had a story. I had a story, Yes I did.

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Showers from the heaven

signalling December’s beginning

The day breaks, cold and frost laden

beauty that it is feigning


A thick blanket of white

spread on the sandy ground

The firs standing head first

with snow piled on their leaves as mounds


Silver frozen snow of grey

dissolves all my dismay




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I lifted the doll and looked at it adoringly.

‘Bella, from where did you get that doll?’ Mom asked me.

‘Picked it from the garbage bin..’ I said.

‘What? Throw that! Immediately! We aren’t that poor that my daughter has to go picking things from the trash bin.’ Mom snapped.

‘er…alright.’ I said to mom, but carried it to my room, hidden out of sight of mom.

‘……lanana…lala…’ I sung a lullaby, making the doll sleep and then I slept too.

Next day-

I rubbed my eyes and opened them. 10:30, the clock read.


‘MOM!’ I yelled as I sprung out of bed. Where’s she? She should’ve woken me up! School began 3 hours ago!

I strode to her room angrily. ‘Mom. Why didn’t yo-‘  I stopped mid-sentence.

I gasped suddenly and walked quickly to the bed.

My heart thumped.

Mom wasn’t there. But there was my doll.

What’s she doing here? She was next to me yesterday night…

And next to my doll lay a knife covered in blood and a small piece of paper.

I unfolded it. It read-