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Happiness lies in believing in yourself.

Never give less than your best,

It matters not if you win or lose

Because life isn’t winning or losing

Its about living.

Living happily.




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Be happy

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Be happy when life makes

you smile and laugh a little

Be happy when you should

it makes your heart lighter

Be happy when you can

Happiness doesn’t cost

Be happy, Be happy

Happiness surely can spread

Be happy because

your smile might make someone’s day

Be happy cuz

happy smiles bring forth more happy lives…




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Waiting for the message

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She sat by the window sill

waiting for the messenger,

Waiting for the owl to come

swooping down to her with eager


She sat by the window sill

waiting for the message,

would it be happiness and bliss,

or a package of wreckage?


She sat by the window sill

waiting for the message,

would it be a message of love

or that of god’s blessings?



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I’m so happy!! Guess why? *please read!*

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Hey guyyyyyyyyyssssssss! I am just so happy for no reason that I thought I would do this post!! I am feeling so insanely, madly crazily happy that I think my cheek would probably stretch and lose its elasticity due to all the smiling and laughing! 😛


Wondering why I am so happy?

Well, that was what I was wondering too!!!

Probably because of the giant freedom I got from the terrible, many problems-causing, very detested and dangerous monster, commonly referred to as exam.

Probably because my birthday is coming. (Yes folks!! The birthday of this soon-going-to-become-extremely-popular-genius’s is coming on 29th Dec! The best part: her usually annoying bro is *secretly* planning a birthday gift (which she already know! *wink wink* 😛 ) for her!!)

Well, what more reasons do need to be happy?

So be happy, because I am happy!

If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you cry, you cry alone.


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The edge of delight and distress

I’m fading on the border

Of the border of distress and delight

Weaving in and out and through

Of the edge of pride and plight

I wanna stay in the delight

To shine brighter and high

To keep a smile all day and

bring someone’s smile up

But I slip into distress

Pushing me down, deep under

So I hardly could dare to breath

I feel scratch and scathed and deeply bleed

I don’t wanna leave my joy

I don’t wanna slip out of my paradise…