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So much for some sunlight….

So yeah…yesterday I was getting really bored and I felt like I needed some actual exercise (till yesterday, walks from the couch till the fridge are counted as exercise to me)…But I didn’t WANT to get out of my home.

I really didn’t.

What if I trip and fall while climbing down the stairs? Fracture an arm? Crack my skull? Or worse, what if the neighbors see me falling?! Oh no…

So…like a snail I inhabited the sofa till my mom kicked me out of the home. ‘Get out for some sunshine at least! Always staying indoors like a vampire…’ She tutted.

Vampire.  Me?!

I am more of a witch-person. A Ginny-Weasley-like witch, in fact. I could use the Bat-Bogey Hex right now and show how much of a pure-blood I am…but unfortunately, Hogwarts does’t allow underage witches and wizards to use magic outside school….

Anyway, back to the topic, I went for a walk outside, ended up challenging my brother for a badminton match and is now struggling with a sprained ankle….

~Jazz 😀

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I greatly value myself and everything about me, therein, also my zodiac sign. I personally believe Capricorn is the best zodiac sign for, like, almost all the reasons.

But the first one among them; ‘the Capricorn zodiac has become even more luckier after I ( a very fantastic master brain, poet, author, artist, chess player, painter, sportsman, and multi-talented person)  was born under it, enriching it. 😛

Agree? 😛

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How my laughter saves me

Hasn’t there ever been a day, when you sent to bed thinking how stupid and bring had your day been? How uninteresting and revolting had it been? Well, hat surely means that it was a day when you haven’t laughed.

A day when you don’t laugh is a day wasted.

Laughter, is, like, the best way by which all our sadness vaporizes into nothingness. Laughter has many, many benefits too.

You may be very surprised and happy to hear, but…*whispers* Laughter helps to lose weight! No joking!

So…well, start laughing now! What are you waiting for?


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Little brother

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Early sun rise’s morn

somebody special was born

As a bundle of naughtiness and mischief

with higher goals bound at the heart

Born to fulfill huge missions

Now we can’t set your smartness apart


With an exceptionally huge brain to store everything about our galaxy

Although we can’t also say you don’t have imagination,

with your Mars aliens discovering fantasy

Oh brother, you are funny

but you are trouble too

I can just pray that you wouldn’t kill me

when you see what I did to your book!