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Hey guys!! I just caught sight of these cute CUTE colorful flowers in a tailor shop near me!! It was so pretty I couldn’t NOT stop from grabbing a pic of ’em!!

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Education system, I ask you to change!


Exam…EXAM. Honestly, EXAM!! I feel like crying out aloud, for god’s sake!! We just had them one month back!  I mean, yeah, one month is quite a long time but still…

Besides, if the education system changed a bit, then I would surely be interested when the topic of exams come up.

Because there is this one routine before every exam; you sit on the couch with a book in your hand, (which is very neat and tidy, with no creases or scratches because of the lack of usage of it.)  you rock your head back and fourth, muttering a few words, reading your own writing after months and not understanding a word of it.

Then the next day, you go sit in front of the exam paper, see the question which you installed in your memory just the day before and puke all your memorized notes in the paper and walk off with a 100 marks

Honestly? Meaning some one with less memory power has no right to graduate a grade?! The idea of education is knowledge, isn’t it?

So it should have some realism.

Firstly, there shouldn’t be something called as “syllabus” for exam. And there should be no exam schedule and dates too!!! Because then that would mean that the student has to study every day as the exam would just spring on him just like that!

And if there are really no way to change the whole “exam dates and syllabus” pattern, then go for something different, people!

Why not spring up the Maths exam on the day when the students have prepared for the Science test!!

How do you think are my ideas?! 😉

And students out there, don’t expect me to be kidding after reading this, because I am NOT!! 😀



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