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Blooming colors


Okay, so this was a beautiful, eye-captivating flower which I observed amongst the various awesome flowers kept for exhibition in a place close by.

And now, here’s the question for you. Can you guess the name of the flower? (Cuz I’ve got no idea what is is, and I want your help!!)

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Image result for cuscuta flower

Like a reminder from earth

that help isn’t always needle and thread

Like a bit of a tinged hint

that humanity isn’t everything

Like  short circuiting words

saying people trample you to earn their food

Like a shocking truth being unveiled

that feeding on others is a cuscuta

And human life is a cuscuta’s.




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Blooming beauty

blooming flower animated gif

Closed and clamped,

compactly wrapped

beautiful leaves

shy to come out and face the sky

afraid to face the gurgling creek

and the sound of the buzzing bees


But when the time comes

for yeh to bloom

The petals blossom gracefully forgetting the gloom

Spreading the sweet scent of flowers blooming alive


The smell, so sweet, makes my spirit rise

The bees coming buzzing to collect honey

The beauty of it, ah, undiscovered by many