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Happiness lies in believing in yourself.

Never give less than your best,

It matters not if you win or lose

Because life isn’t winning or losing

Its about living.

Living happily.




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Let GO!

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The sun setting deep said me there was no use holding

I had to let go

I had to forget it all

I have to move ahead and

stomp my bad past

to embrace my future…

But I really could’t

as those tears flooded,

I know I have to

But sadly I can’t

I don’t think I can



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Want inspiration and encouragement to win?

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Every thing will be alright.

Keep hope in your heart.

You were born to win, my dear.

Don’t let em fools stand in your way.

Just remember that they’re jealous,

and be happy cuz they are only because you are better than em…

Everything will be alright

You will win one day

Failure will not block your way everyday

Yes, you were unique

cuz you were born a champion


Everything will be alright

Luck  ain’t no more required

When you’ve got talent by your  side

You were destined to be a champion….

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Shadow of the flame

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Does it hurt to be a shadow of the flame

To be deceived and always never noticed

Is it easy to be the shadow of the flame

The flame which gets noticed

And overlays the shadow

Just shadow

Isn’t what I am

Just a mere reflection of the flame

Isn’t what I am

A measly black shape

Following the flame

It isn’t what I am

I am the change

I am what I want to be

I will live

And prove to become the flame

Cuz it does hurt to be the shadow of the flame.