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Piece of art

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Every blooming flower and every strong tree,

is just another beautiful sketch in God’s heavenly canvas,

(namely,) our lovely, dear earth.

The pearls  of heaven adorning the fields

the carpet of the green grass tickling my feet

the beautiful blend of clouds in the sky,

making me realize how small and insignificant am I

the vibrant colors, the spirit of life

add little more than happiness

to the joys of the earth…



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Summer heat

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The earth is boiling under the sun’s blazing heat. Thousands are suffering from heat strokes and sun burns everyday. Many of this is turning fatal.

And its all because of us. Us.  

It was all our fault that we decided to go behind the comforts and ease of living, while the thoughts of environment faded in our hearts.

We decided to poison the air and kill fellow plants and trees, making god’s gift, rain, to disappear from the face of the earth. We did.

Now no water. So no agriculture. No livelihood for farmers. Wouldn’t that mean no food to us? Can we not see what we’re headed to?

And now what?

The Ozone’s gotten holes. The sunlight falls on us directly. So what do we do?

Go inside our home, switch on A/C, cooler and fan, have some ice cream and chilled soda, use sun screen lotions, drink water with ice cubes in it, play in water parks and just do NOT CARE ABOUT THE EARTH.

How can we be so heartless?




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Pitch black

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Pearly white mist wavering in the aura

and a blob of white

glowing in the arches of heaven

held up by tall pillars of green and brown..

Soft hoots and waving leaves,

moving branches and dancing trees,

the still sounds when the clock strikes twelve

and the howls of wolves at far distant…

All existed till man did




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Time to change the world

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I was sitting by the park,

in the shining sunset’s dark

with the big moon glowing

I feel my time flowing…


I know that I’ve not got my eternal life

to free the world from trickery and rife

The big watch on my hand  says

time is ticking, ticking away


Its funny how watches have got more

But the time we have is being lost

But, I know its now or never

to change the world forever


So here I am sitting in the park

with the tree’s shadow on me, dark

Here I’m wondering if I could do,

to change the world and paint a better hue…

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Dying earth

With all the buildings rising

and the trees going  down, without a musing


With all the wildlife being killed

including mankind


we, oursleves cannot survive the fumes

Why doesn’t this penetrate human mind

The blue water, the fresh air and the green beautiful trees,

it seems quite a long time,

when the earth was really free


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