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The Earring- Chapter 11 (last one)

Ria’s P.O.V
Hey! Ouch!’ I bumped and fell back. Who was that? blind enough to bump onto me!

With all that cleaning, I had, with a lot of hard work, I piled a good amount of garbage and was carrying it to the dustbin. And now I’ve fallen back and no way was I going to pick it back. Whoever bumped onto me has that job.

I rubbed my eyes, clearing the dust particles. ‘Hey you, can’t yo-‘ I stopped mid sentence.
OMG! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! Was I dreaming?! Is it the truth??

‘Jessica’ I whispered, eyes widening disbelievingly.

Jessica’s P.O.V

My lost friend Ria. My eyes widened.

Ria’s P.O.V

I saw her face light up with joy. She remembers me.

Jessica’s P.O.V

She looked so joyful. She still remembers me after 3 years.

Ria’s P.O.V

I suddenly noticed something.

Jessica’s P.O.V

Something glinting in her ear.

Ria’s P.O.V

OH MY GOD!! The Earring! The single silver earring!

Jessica’s P.O.V

She has got one too!

Ria’s P.O.V

That’s the one with made us meet again! And as I noticed the earring,

Jessica’s P.O.V

I saw tiny blue sparks coming from it. God, they might hurt.

Ria’s P.O.V

She winced when the sparks came

Jessica’s P.O.V

But she didn’t remove it.

Ria’s P.O.V

I saw tears of joy in her eyes.

Jessica’s P.O.V

‘I never thought I’ll meet you again. I missed you’ I whispered, totally delighted.

Ria’s P.O.V

I enveloped her in a bear hug. ‘Oh Jessica! We won’t miss each other any more!’

Neither of them noticed the things they were carrying lying on the ground. Neither of them noticed the earring as it unfastened itself from their ears. Neither of them noticed as the earrings fell into one of the bottle Jessica was carrying. Neither of them noticed as it rolled into the ocean, off to unite two other lost true friends…
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The earring- Chapter 10

Jessica’s P.O.V
Great…Totally great.

On a vacation, I’m here working.

And not just any work like the one you get at home,

But a work, where you have to carry old glass bottles which are sometimes used, to the recycle store in the other end of the beach.

And carrying such a big stack in front of me, I can’t see where I’m going.

Oh How I hate all this!

My foot steps shuffles along on the sand. Then suddenly, without knowing, as I couldn’t see,

I bumped into someone so hardly that I fell backwards.

‘Ouch!’ I heard the sound of the bottles in my hand falling to the floor. Whoever did this is gonna pay…
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The Earring- Chapter 9

Ria’s P.O.V
The sea water splashed and sloshed on the sides of the boat. My friends were rowing the boat as fast as humanly possible, while I sat there, still thinking about my lucky escape.
We reached the shore in a speeding second and I saw the coach standing there with a clipboard in his hands. The boat gently rocked near the harbor as the coach tied the boat. I was glad to get out of the rocking water.

‘So, you’ve all gone to the first exp—What on earth happened to you?!’ He screamed noticing that we are all frightened and wet and panting.
‘Explain!! Explain it!’ he roared.

I launched into an explanation. ‘We reached our limit line in the ocean and by then Ryan was rowing the boat. But it became difficult to control the boat due to waves. We all tried rowing back to the limit, but it was impossible.’ Ryan quickly looked up at me when I lied. But I ignored him. I wasn’t really going to tell on someone who saved me from being the shark’s prey. ‘And then we decided to fish. That’s when we saw a shark speeding towards us an-‘

‘You what?!’ he rumbled.’ You went that far where you can find sharks! You idiots!! If it wasn’t possible to stay on the limit, then why didn’t you row back here.’The coach glared at us. I wanted to fire back, but knew that it wasn’t a good idea.

‘You were in mortal threat! What is this now! Nothing’s every happened like this before! You have detention! You’ve got to clean the beach. Start right now. Go!!.’ He stormed out to his cabin, his face flushing with anger.

I threw the coach a filthy look, and turned to Ryan. ‘You know what, you could have rather let me drown instead of saving my life. In that case, I wouldn’t have to clean this extra large beach.’ I shot at him, expressing my whole anger on the only person who saved my life.

‘Oh no! How could I have left you drown?’ He asked, looking alarmed. There was a slight pause.

‘Why couldn’t you?’ I asked, my eyes narrowing suspiciously.

He looked taken aback. ‘Because…Because I…I…uh..I…’.

Mark gave a high pitched deliberate cough and he wolf whistled. I looked at Mark, and then back at Ryan.

Ryan was blushing?!!

Mark laughed.
The others started laughing too. I joined them, not wanting to look like a fool.

After a few minutes of good relief with laughter, we all heard a door bang open and the coach screamed. ‘Are you gonna start the cleaning or not??!!’

We scrambled quickly in different direction to start cleaning.
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The Earring- Chapter 8

Jessica’s P.O.V
I stepped out of the car in a rush to get fresh air and followed Mom and Dad. I expected them to lead me to a posh 5 star hotel. As I walked, I saw the sea shore. It was honestly, one among the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. So this is the Great sea!


My parents stopped walking and I rammed right onto mom. ‘This is it.’ Dad smiled. I looked foraward.




A two floored wooden house?! Are they joking? Kidding?!


But their faces told me that they weren’t pranking. ‘What is this mom??!!’ I asked her.


‘Jessica, this trip is planned to be one with nature. It should be ideal, so we planned on less expenses and more fun. This is a house of a woman who has allowed us to rent the second floor. And she even said that she’ll cut down the expenses to half if we help her with some chores. She is a great cook and she’s providing us fod And sweetie, the room is fully furnished.’


Mom seemed positively excited about that, so I didn’t say anything. Dad knocked the house and out walked an old woman whose face was smiling brightly but her eyes flashed dangerously when she saw me.


‘Ah welcome! Welcome to good comfort and hospitality! After you freshen up, I’ll bring your snacks. And After snacks, little girl, will you mind helping me with the glass bottles? You’ve got to carry it to the shop at the other end.’ she smiled




This is going to be worse than when I was grounded.
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The Earring – Chapter 7

Ria’s P.O.V
I quickly regained my voice and  screamed loudly and pointed at the bubbles. Everyone glanced at it and I gave Sonya a horror struck nudge.


‘OK, we’re in trouble.’


I started babbling. ‘I hope its not the shark. Oh, its too dangerou-‘


‘Shut up, Ria and get the oar-AAAAAAARRRRRGHH!!’ Mark roared and I didn’t have time to think why. I was falling deep, Someone was falling right next to me…I felt cold water enveloping me in blanket and when my eyes adjusted to the darkness all I could see was the blue water and the shark…The only shark, my death speeding towards me. I was soon gonna be preyed upon, I started panicking.


‘Oh my god! Someone help me!! Please!’ But all that came out were bubbles. I swam to the surface right in time to see Mark and Sonya helping Ivy into the boat. Apparently, the boat had rocked and bobbed and finally rocked a bit too deep one side, letting me inside the water, along with Ivy, who was panting heavily.


‘Help me too!’ I whined fearfully, my eyes fixed on the shark fin which was a lot closer now.


Ryan thrusted his hand out of the boat and clung onto mine stiffly and helped me to the boat. I could feel Ryan’s nails biting into my skin as he helped me up. I climbed as fast as I could, without slipping back into the boat. The boat rocked side to side.


 When I was up onto the boat, I don’t know what gave me the strength to speak, lest breath, but I screamed ‘Take the spare oars and row. ROW!!! Faster!!! Its a shark!!!”


That was an enough order for them. Everyone here was quick witted. Sonya and Ivy grabbed a pair, Ryan and Mark grabbed another and, to my surprise, so did Grace and Ruby. They started rowing and I was the only person left sitting without a work. But I was shivering like hell, due to both fear and cold, so that was an excuse.


‘Row! Row on! Row, everybody! Faster!’ Sonya screamed.


And everybody rowed as fast as they could. I dare not look back. For all I know, I could see us speeding towards the shore or our death speeding towards us…
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The Earring- Chapter 6

Jessica’s P.O.V
Jess- Jessica Jackson! How many times have I told you not to keep your shoes on the car seat! Put them down. NOW!’ my mom scolded me.
I groaned and put them down. Oh I hate travelling. I knew it was gonna be boring. So mom suggested that I bring a book along with me. I brought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And I was reading it silently, sitting alone in the back seat. Then after sometime, mom said that I had been reading for quite a long time and now I should put my book down for sometime. I mean, she has a problem with, like everything!
I looked out of the window at so many buildings, houses, apartments, meadows, fields, people and vehicles passing by. I don’t know why, but the passing things made me feel that I am destined for something special. My heart told me that something is going to happen in my near future. Something good or bad, I wouldn’t know that now. But I just hope its good.
Dad had switched on the radio and was listening to news. I hate news. I just want to be playing with my friends now. Oh how I hate all this!
I felt dizzy while watching the window and I slowly fell into deep, deep sleep…
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The Earring- Chapter 5

Ria’s P.O.V
When we entered the boat, the coach untied the thick rope which joined us to the harbor. Our boat slowly docked forward, moved by the slight waves. Then Mark stood on the boat and faced us and began with a really solemn tone. ‘I am going to row the boat for some distance and then Ryan will take over.’ Ryan nodded.
‘Well, then after Ryan, I’ll row’ volunteered Sonya. ‘After Sonya, it’s me.’ I said.
‘And then, it’s me’ said Ivy.
The show offs were silent.
Mark rowed the boat quietly. Ryan sat near him. I refused to sit near boys, so Sonya and Ivy took the seats in front of me, leaving the me and show-offs behind.
It was silent for some time, as I enjoyed the salty smell and really cool breeze.
‘Hey Ria, you come from another place, don’t you? You were new here last year, right?’ Grace asked me in the most ungraceful voice. ‘Yeah.’ I replied in the most irritated tone I could muster.
‘You see, she’s a newbie with these stuff. She knows nothing. Absolutely nothing. You know-’ Ivy gave Grace a very sharp look which made Grace silence off suddenly.
Ivy was known for her strength-ful punches, which don’t suite her bony look. Now Ryan took over the boat. The silence passed by quickly, with only the sloshing sound of the waves washing our boat. I suddenly noticed something bobbing in the ocean water.
‘Ryan, we are going past our limit line.’ I told him in a panicked tone.
‘Yeah we are. But that’s fine. That’ll bring some fun to our expedition. C’mon, let’s see what lies behind the limits’ He smirked.
This is not good. My fear of fishes brought thoughts of shark chewing people which made me panic more and more. ‘No! No Ryan. No! Don’t go past the limit.’ I screamed at him. He just laughed.
‘Don’t go, you git!’
Sonya and Ivy tried to comfort me. They loved adventure, so they were a bit reluctant in telling him to stop rowing further.
‘Calm down, Ria. Nothing will happen.’ Sonya told me. Mark was too silent in this whole episode. Grace and Ruby started laughing.
‘Ickle Ria, huh? Kiddo! You don’t want to cross the limit line, do you? Hey Ryan, row much further than the limit. I want to see Ria crying and wetting her pants’ Ruby cackled.
But I didn’t stop babbling. So Sonya and Ivy tried to stop Ryan, which he did, because he saw Ivy trying to punch him.
Then Sonya went towards Ruby and Grace, then I don’t know what happened but when my friends returned, Grace looked taken aback and Ruby was looking shocked.
‘So let’s fish.’ Mark growled. Our boat stood still. The sun glowed dim and beautifully as I placed the bait and lowered the fishing rod. The waves sloshing sound got a bit slow.
Everyone was busy with their rods, but no one got a catch. I sat back waiting for a pull. Then I suddenly realized what was happening.
The sound of the waves sloshing had stopped and the sea had become still. I sat up looking alarmed. Then in a great distance, from under the water came big bubbles. And finally a fin. A shark fin. I tried to point this to my friends, but apparently something has happened to my voice…
It was speeding towards us. Oh god, let it not be the Great White Shark…