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Two milestones!

Hey guys!! I am so happy and I guess you can see the very obvious reason. I have reached 500+ followers AND a  one year WordPress anniversary  ON THE SAME DAY!! 😛

😀 Thanks a lot guys, all this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for your gracious support and feedback.

It just feels like yesterday when I posted my first post, which is  WAY too amateur and amusing to read now. Here’s a link to it:

Pleez don’t laugh  😛

And then,when I  got the first like to my first post, imagine my happiness! I was jumping around, dancing like an idiot, not just because I got my first like, but because I had already had another blog prior to this which nobody read and nobody commented and nobody liked. So my first like in my second blog meant my writing has tons improved than what it was when I wrote my first blog.

I must say, that writing is an art. Blogging is a talent. And all the bloggers here, you are the BEST. Its all because of your support that now I have marched ahead forward to this very milestone(s).

It has been a pleasant journey till here and I hope Jazzlily blog is something more to you all than some ordinary person’s ranting on the internet. 😉

Getting 500 followers was my DREAM. A dream that I thought was never possible to reach. Oh, I am very glad to have been proven wrong!

Blogging has become my HOBBY. Blog has become my DIARY. And WORDS have become my friends.

I thank all of the very outstanding bloggers out there for encouraging me with your comments and feedback, and having helped me write in this blog for an year.

I hope Jazzlily blog has many more years to live on and many more milestones to achieve and…well..I am just too excited to write more! I gotta be celebrating now! 😀


Yours joyfully



P.S Don’t forget to check out my post “Being happy” which is somewhat dear to my heart. 😀 Here’s the link.


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My birthday!!


So…So…so….so!! 29th Dec was my birthday! And there had been many incidents which occurred leaving me unable to post!

First, I’ll start with my presents.


This was from my BFF. Isn’t that cool? I always wanted it!! And she also wrote a friendship anthem in those tiny paper rolls inside the jar. That was my favorite!


I also got a barrel of slime and a good beautiful pen (which I’m using only to write diary entries) from friends.

Then there was a MOBILE PHONE from dad and new clothes from mom!

This was the best birthday ever as I had my favorite FAVORITE cake!!!!!!


TA DA!!!! I loved it!!!

I just can’t believe how sweetly and pleasantly my birthday went at home only. (Cuz in school, it was a natural disaster after five chocolates meant for five different people were consumed by a single person, leaving behind World War IV happening. (World War III has already taken place at home with bro. So this is IV))

Besides, today being New Year’s Eve, I am taking only one resolution.

“Be happy, you only live once. Make life worthwhile, you only live once. Be careful, you only live once. Because when the ride is done and you look back, you shouldn’t feel that you hadn’t done something which you could have.”

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The edge of delight and distress

I’m fading on the border

Of the border of distress and delight

Weaving in and out and through

Of the edge of pride and plight

I wanna stay in the delight

To shine brighter and high

To keep a smile all day and

bring someone’s smile up

But I slip into distress

Pushing me down, deep under

So I hardly could dare to breath

I feel scratch and scathed and deeply bleed

I don’t wanna leave my joy

I don’t wanna slip out of my paradise…



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I glowing with happiness

Bulging with pride

smiling the shining grin

flashing the smile of mine

I’m swelling with delight

so inflated that I might float

a couple of inches above the ground

Ah, well, again I’ve started to gloat

Yet, I’m soaring with excitement

pounding my head

with all my joyous thoughts

churning inside my head..


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A glow in the dark

A star in the night

A light in deep plight

Bits of guts in the fright


Like gems studding a black chain

Glimmering like truth

Like rain in the barren land

Like winning against a brute


Its all what hope is about

All that it really is.

Its hope that you really sought

Give everything else a rest…



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I felt as if my world was wrapped in sweet song emanating all the way around…. As if my dreams are studded and are glinting with bright and illuminating butterflies….I feel as if I have had chocolate, the wonderful feeling of it dissolving, into pure happiness…I felt as if my world was rained with drops of beautiful colors….I felt like flying in wings of joy…I felt as though a storm of happiness was blowing around me…All this happened when I realized I have had an inspiration.