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Double rainbow

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Sun shines bright,

Heron’s cry

Passing light

Through the rain

Not just a


but a double one

Bows of hue

beauty in hue

a double rainbow..

Green as grass

Blue as sky

Red as the juiciest berries

yellow as sunshine

The sun shines bright

For the double rainbow

The heron’s cry

for the double rainbow…




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Magical night

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Its tonight,

when the white

star come out;


when the moon’s crescent shines out;

Its tonight,

when the comets shoot out;


when the UFO’s hunt down to the earth;

Its tonight,

When the midnight sky’s watch’s worth,

cuz today’s a magical night,


A magical day’s magical pride…

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Grey life

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Colorless life of mine

With the hues drained away from me

The paints dripping away…

Making me fall apart and grieve…


I’ve heard life is a long journey

which never ends today or the next

I’ve heard its a mix of tops and turns

But I never knew it was such a perplex….