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My charcoal!! :-D


Hey guys!!! I’m back!! After a long time!!!

And guess what?! That little kitty charcoal was done by me!!!  Its my third charcoal!!! (P.S Sorry for the over use of exclamation marks..I’m just too excited!)

Here’s the link to my first charcoal 😀

First Charcoal

It took me over 2 weeks to do it, but that was just because I was lazy to get it done…

Anyway, this one is done and I’m trying another charcoal!

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Reality reflects…


Image result for cat looking in mirror

There stood a girl with a frown on her face

Her cheeks were sunken and her hair astray

She was too lean, too pale,

probably bulimia had taken its toll…

I looked at her sadly,

only to realize that I was looking at a mirror…