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Rose blooms…


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Diamonds from the bejeweled

crown of the queen,

Glistening under the sun,

collected in basket of breeze,

and of flowers which sing merrily

to match the occasion of clustering jewels

Bead by bead from the brook,

and on the leaves of the springing shoot,

Dew drops, rain fall and water beads

beauteous nature’s wealthy pearls…


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Brown eyes

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When a drop of golden sunshine

sinks into your brown eyes

I see golden, copper and brown,

I witness miracle’s rise…

Beautiful swirls turning inside

Tiny specks of gold weaving in and out

When a drop of golden sunshine

sinks into your brown eyes…

I see the moon spinning,

the sun glowing,

my world’s spinning,

Its mesmerizing…

When a drop of golden sunshine

sinks into your brown eyes

I see sapphires, topazs and diamonds

encrusted deep in side your eyes…






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A beautiful story

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I thought to write a beautiful story

I sat back and hoped that words would form in my mind

I wished to write a beautiful story

with amazing adventures and hidden islands to find

I wanted to write a beautiful tale

with fantasy and magic entwined together

I wanted to write a story which remains imprinted in hearts forever

I craved to write a beautiful story

which will be the best one ever written

I would love to write a beautiful story,

of things in life, said but never done.




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Heavenly rain

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The cool breeze darkens the sky

makes me freeze and sit to admire

The sky beckones me with its fluttering leaves

and greets me with its enveloping breeze.


I feel the enhancing smell from the sands

as animals flee to sheds from land

The first lightning hits the sky

the bolt, so eye-catchingly bright


and then echoes the thunder

making heavy droplets fall

from the heavens to earth’s floor


I walk beneath the rainy skies

The water vaporizing my sadness high

The only human amid the rain

in the empty lands where the rain celebrates


Here I am, the only one to care

to celebrate and enjoy a rainy day…