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Time Machine

Ready… my mind spins with concentration

Steady… My ears strain to hear the word


My heart was beating terribly. Pace after Pace, as quickly as I can, I knew I had to do it, RUN! The crowd cheered.

This is my 400 meters race. With my legs speeding and me already gasping, I ran all the way till 100 meter, with one girl neck to neck. To relish my present progress, I glanced back to see nearly half of the other participants panting and starting to walk already.

Even though, terribly tired and gasping and still running the race, I managed to smirk at them….  Boy, I shouldn’t have looked back…The girl who ran neck to neck with me was damn ahead, now.


Now I was tired more than earlier, knowing that the 1st place wasn’t mine now.

RUN Sahana! You can do it! I said to myself. The center of the racing track had soft green grass, where my two best friends and a few boys from my class were sitting. My friends cheered, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t at all, now.

The breath was escaping from me. I was dying. Dying. Another girl overtook me. I nearly fainted, my breath stopped steadily. My heart was bobbing in and out and my legs felt numb.

I give up.

But it was my friends who put me back.

They screamed. ‘Don’t lose hope! You still have the third place! Go on Sahana! Be the real you and RUN!’

Now that set me up and I won the third place.


This was one among the best moments of success in my life which I’ll always cherish. Mind you, this was just last year. 



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Feet on the starts,

sweat on the brow,

ready to play your part?

“3, 2 and GO!”


Baton in the hand,

blast as fast as you can!


The team waits

for you, breathlessly,

so run Run limitlessly!


Then, pass on the baton,

to the game’s next captain

And cheer your team!!