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Days of fun

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Returning from school

drenched form head to toe in rain and sand

Eating Lollipops and candies

while sheltering  under car sheds

Loitering in the school campus

during the dreaded math class

Bunking classes for a day

of excitement and joy at big fairs

Merry-go-round and giant wheel,

accompanied by cotton candies,

Ice pops, balloons and chocolates,

Tons of friends and tons of fun

days of delight, no regret in life

Living life like meant to be…


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I greatly value myself and everything about me, therein, also my zodiac sign. I personally believe Capricorn is the best zodiac sign for, like, almost all the reasons.

But the first one among them; ‘the Capricorn zodiac has become even more luckier after I ( a very fantastic master brain, poet, author, artist, chess player, painter, sportsman, and multi-talented person)  was born under it, enriching it. 😛

Agree? 😛

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I’m so happy!! Guess why? *please read!*

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Hey guyyyyyyyyyssssssss! I am just so happy for no reason that I thought I would do this post!! I am feeling so insanely, madly crazily happy that I think my cheek would probably stretch and lose its elasticity due to all the smiling and laughing! 😛


Wondering why I am so happy?

Well, that was what I was wondering too!!!

Probably because of the giant freedom I got from the terrible, many problems-causing, very detested and dangerous monster, commonly referred to as exam.

Probably because my birthday is coming. (Yes folks!! The birthday of this soon-going-to-become-extremely-popular-genius’s is coming on 29th Dec! The best part: her usually annoying bro is *secretly* planning a birthday gift (which she already know! *wink wink* 😛 ) for her!!)

Well, what more reasons do need to be happy?

So be happy, because I am happy!

If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you cry, you cry alone.


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Fear only fear

Conquer Fear before it conquers you.

Rightly said by me, isn’t it? Because fear is nothing to fear about. The most common fear is the fear of darkness; which I surely have and I can bet a million dollars that you do too.

But darkness has nothing to fear about (which is something I repeat to myself, with little effect).

Does someone else have any idea how to deal with fear of darkness??

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How my laughter saves me

Hasn’t there ever been a day, when you sent to bed thinking how stupid and bring had your day been? How uninteresting and revolting had it been? Well, hat surely means that it was a day when you haven’t laughed.

A day when you don’t laugh is a day wasted.

Laughter, is, like, the best way by which all our sadness vaporizes into nothingness. Laughter has many, many benefits too.

You may be very surprised and happy to hear, but…*whispers* Laughter helps to lose weight! No joking!

So…well, start laughing now! What are you waiting for?