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Last bit

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I had that piece of chocolate in my hand,

tears rolled down my face

I couldn’t believe

that this is the last square of my Dairy Milk…   😛




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I felt pure sweetness

running through me

sparking and lighting

my true feeling of delight

and all it happens

when I taste the feeling of success – Chocolate



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Candy bought color to my life

Candy bought fun to my life

Candy was an encouragement, I ate it when I felt nervous

Candy was a comfort, I ate it when I was sad

Candy was a symbol,

I ate it with my friends, the last time I ever saw them, knowing that I wouldn’t see them again…



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It’s tasty and creamy

Delicious and dreamy

It has a rich taste

None regards it a waste


It has nuts and cherries

It might also have some berries

It is sooo sweet and fine

That you need not grind


They always seep through

Your teeth

That a single spoon might cool your breathe!