About me

Hi!! So, you have just stumbled upon my canvas of…well….absolute crazy randomness that I like to call talent. πŸ˜›

First of all, let me tell you that you have entered the haven of a Harry Potter FREAK. I’m someone who loves reading stories. AND I have penned down a few in this blog. Hope you like ’em. πŸ˜€

My hobbies are painting and drawing because I literally LOVE colors. πŸ™‚Β  And I also write poems whichΒ  are a stress buster for me and a pretty great way to express my feelings.

My wish is to change the world into a more greener, friendlier, colorful and positive place. And while I aspire to try to do that, I enjoy myself with my best friends for life. πŸ˜€

~Jazz πŸ˜€





73 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for the comment and the visit!

    “The aim is to change the world into a better place to live in and the motto is to “be the change.”
    Great sentiment. Wishing you all the best in your endeavor!

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  2. Thanks for following The Write Edge, Sahana! I hope you find it interesting and informative. I wish you all the best in this new year on your writing journey. Don’t hesitate to let me know if I can do something for you to help with your writing. Have a wonderful week!

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      1. It does have a history. I used to work in an advertising agency. One afternoon when I returned to the office after seeing a client, I found that someone had renamed my computer hard disk and other bits and pieces. And there it was Leggy Peggy. Have used it ever since.

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  3. Hello Sahana! I’m Aena Zoraya, a fellow blogger like yourself. Seeing your blog with a growing community of readers and increasing readership, I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions from you.

    My blog, Word Exorcist, will be one-month old with only 13 posts. Most of my posts are one-word prompts or photo challenges from The Daily Post blogger’s community.

    In line with this, I am planning a project on publishing a series of blog articles. Seeing that you are currently following my blog, I want to know what kind of content you would like to see or prefer? Do you have any suggestions or anything you would like to share that made you click the follow button? Thank you so much for giving me a chance to share with you the inner workings of my mind.

    For the love of writing,
    Aena Zoraya


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    1. Hello Aena.
      I remember your name and your blog particularly well as you’ve nominated me to an award in the past. I now really like the layout of your blog(which, I guess, you’ve changed.). It gives your blog a mysterious feel. The first time I saw you blog, I saw your first post and had no clue which language you’d written in. (I’m very bad at general knowledge about the geographical, physical and political areas of the earth). Then, I read your post “transformation”. I don’t know why but it seriously inspired me in someway. Then your post “pure” took away my heart! I very beautiful captured picture with amazing lighting effects…it was as though I could speak to the picture with the language of love! And for your wonderfully imaginative and excellently written posts, two liebsters are too less! I really liked your “moving staircase” post too. Nice one, that was.
      Your regular reader,

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  4. I was reading on your blog and I have one question…. you say you’re an Aquarius but are December born, could you elaborate upon that? I’m an Aquarius, January born, the beginning of the zodiac sign. Let’s talk astrology, it’s soooo interesting!

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    1. You see, the history of this is pretty funny. I was born on December the 29th. And when I wanted to know my zodiac sign, my friends told me that I was an Aquarius born…while the internet said that I was a Capricorn born.
      “Hmm….” I wondered…”What would be my real sign? Probably it is Capricorn, because the internet told me that. But Aquarius sound cool and fun! So why not I be that!”
      So, as you see, its pretty…well..weird. And- yes yes…I know I’m crazy and I know that this reason is stupid. πŸ˜›

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      1. I have to admit I’ve never heard someone say that to be an Aquarius is “cool”, that’s an amazing compliment because we are! You are definitely a Capricorn, wholly and completely. Aquarius doesn’t begin until mid January ending in mid February. Perhaps you were a Water Barrier in a Past LifeπŸ˜‰

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      2. Probably yeah!!!! You’re probably right! Cuz I, like, really and deeply believe that water is my element and (plz don’t laugh :-p ) I believe that I can control water… πŸ˜€

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      3. Oh I believe you. If you’re interested in past life memories I highly suggest you do your research and find someone trustworthy to help you regress so you can know for sure whether or not you’ve been an Aquarian in another lifetime! #pastliferegression

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  5. Hi Sahana, You have found the blog where I write about photography. If you browsed beyond my last post you’ll notice Photography is thinly topic I discuss. I hope that is what you are looking for.
    Now that I know about you I will take the time to wander through your blog. Thanks

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