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To try or not to try

Hey guys! I am back!!!

Long time since I posted, I know…but i just escaped from the clutches of depression, anxiety, migraines from tons of homework…

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this was probably wat kept me alive this week

Standing up high with the scars of tears still stained on the face,

I could see, through my unfazed eyes how far I had come

I had come this far and I know I can’t let go…

To fight the echoes in the mind yelling give up…Oh you can’t do it….

I just tried walking a bit further

resisting and walking further












I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t tried…




4 thoughts on “To try or not to try

      1. and the best part is (at least it has been my experience)…. should this ever happen again, it will be that much easier to just keep walking a bit further…. then, in time, you will ‘nip it before it sets in’, cuz you will then recognize the ‘signs’ of depression knocking at your door. That is when you can simply choose NOT to answer or respond to the ‘noise’. Hugs and keep on loving life…it only gets better! Keep spreading the word and encouraging others!
        I am SO happy for you!

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