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Image result for eco friendlyI have changed. I have. I have got environment-o-mania. Know what it does?

Makes you do all this which I am doing now. I have started taking care about a lot of my habits which are affecting my planet. I am reusing plastics and recycling them in the most absurd ways possible. I am trying to spread awareness about pollution.

Then there are my classmates and friends who first actively supported my thoughts and ideas, but when it started to annoy them and affect them by reducing their luxury, it was a no-no for me.

I mean, we see that the global temperature is surely hotter in this year’s summer than the one prior to now. So  what do we do?? Switch on the AC, of course.

And then, the fabulously cooling, comforting, conditioner of air, releases a lot of “Chlorofluorocarbons”, about which by the way, you do know, don’t you?? It harms our Ozone. It kills our ozone.

It does.

And then, the ozone is eaten up majorly in summer, with everyone keeping their air conditioning at full blast. You can’t really expect a cooler summer next year by eating away the ozone layer in this summer by using air conditioning.

So what to do?

Everything starts with simple steps, doesn’t it?

You stop usage of air conditioning now and then. Don’t use it the whole day, just use it at noons when its really hot and you can’t bear it. You drink tons of water, just not sodas and stuff, ok? You plant trees around you and take care of them. You spread awareness. You try to heal the damage done to nature from your side.

I feel lonely as the only person thinking all this in my locality. I really want some support.

You wanna support me? Well, its very simple, protect the environment around you, write blog posts and upload pictures of your eco-friendly measures, plastic recycling, and treating nature in a friendly way. And, don’t forget to ask me to check your environmental friendly post.

Cuz I would really love to read it and follow your measures along with my friends.

Keep smiling friends! 😀


8 thoughts on “Environment-o-mania

  1. Surely though, global warming is just propaganda made up by the Chinese?
    Seriously though. A good post, and I hope it will highlight what this planet is going through. In ,my almost half century of life, I have seen so many things change – a lot for the better. Unfortunately though, not enough. More needs to change if we are going to save this planet.

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    1. Thanks for supporting our nature. Really, there are a lot of people promoting industries, advancement and technologies…whereas just a handful of them for nature. I just hope more people turn up to the right side now. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for writing this. The more people we can make conscient about these things, the more hope there is for our planet. Specially the mention of water instead of soda is very important, and the same goes for all industrally produced things, really. We need to find new ways, and we will, eventually;)

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    1. Thanks a lot for supporting my one small step for protecting our environment. And yes, awaring is the synonym of healing when it comes to nature. Thanks for reading my post till the end. 😀

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