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Questioning you-role play time!

It is a rainy day.

The streets are deserted because of the heavy downpour.

There is you, walking swiftly, without any umbrella or raincoat, completely dripping wet,  to a hospital many blocks away.  You are rushing there because you’re child has  a surgery scheduled.  She is in a threatened situation which may prove to be fatal if the surgery isn’t performed at the right time. You have to be there to comfort her before the operation and pray for her.

On the opposite side of the road, right in front of your eyes you witness an accident where a speedy, flashy car runs over a little boy you have never known. The boy, severely hurt, now lies on a pool of blood, his breath getting shallow and shallow, his eyes screaming for help, and his arm in a  dislocated position, while the car which created the chaos flees away.

What will you do?

Help him?


What will you do??



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