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Questioning you

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Sometimes we feel down, don’t we? Everyone does so. ย So what do you do when you feel sad? What do you do when you feel useless and stupid? What would you do?? Suggest some ideas to us. ๐Ÿ™‚





16 thoughts on “Questioning you

    1. I will do the things I did when I did not feel useless.
      I water plants.
      I cook a simple dish.
      I put biscuits to stray dogs.
      I dress up , and try to like my self in the mirror.
      I call my sister.
      I look at family photographs album.
      I read Pablo Neruda
      I try to read asterix, tintin , chotabhim …. comics….
      Finally I try to sleep.

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      1. Woohoo!! That’s awesome. I’m pretty sure that would help ME cheer up at times. Thanks a LOT for sharing!! Have a great day ahead!


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