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Animos #21

Dena ran through the familiar neatly paved streets. Running as fast as she could just meant that she was jogging in the lanes.
Her mom was gonna have her for it, returning home late. She’s never done that before. Dena was terrified.
Left, Right, Left, Right fork, Left
Dena banged open the familiar wooden ornate door of The Daisy. And just what she had expected, awaited her.
‘DENA DAVIDSON! What d’you think of yourself!’ her mother thundered. Dena shivered and looked a her feet.
‘Sorry mom’
‘What in the world were you doing?’ she screamed at Dena.
‘I..erm…I was swimming. ..Yeah, right. I was swimming!’ Dena replied.
‘Of course, you didn’t! You did NOT! I went to the pool at the time when I expected you back at home. And no one’s there!’ her mother shouted at her, her face turning red with anger.
‘I..uh…I was just playing mom. With my friends , you see. And…And I…’Dena took a deep breath.
‘Mom, just assume that my Animos power is destroyed.’ Dena said that quickly and ran to her bedroom and bolted the door.
She heard footsteps and her mother thumped against the door.
‘Dena? What do you mean? Come here, my dear. Tell me!’
Dena knew her mother better. ‘Mom. I’m tired. I don’t want dinner or anything. I’m sleeping. Good night!’
She heard her mom sigh as walk away. But Dena didn’t sleep, for she utterly wasn’t sleepy.
She was thinking…deep in thought.
After having removed her Animos power, she felt weak and lonely…as though a part of her sou had been ripped apart. But yet, she was happy to be a normal person. A normal person she had never been in the last 13 years…

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