nature · Story

Animos #17

‘I say, we go in right now. No wasting time. I don’t want a nutter to control me.’ Ren said.
‘Yeah. Sure. Go on, then lead us.’
They entered the cave. Nothing could be seen in there except the black darkness.
‘Hey Dena’ Ace began all cheerfully. ‘Why don’t you go in there, a little deeper in the dark and have a look to see if there’s any monster to eat is up?’ He asked. ‘Because you see, we have to see if the coast is clear’
‘Why me?’ Dena asked, her eyes narrowing. ‘Jack can go! He’s a lion Animos! He’s much more braver and stronger and ah, the hero, the king of the jungle!’ she said.
Jack intervened.
‘I am not going because the king of the jungle doesn’t get down his throne to do petty jobs’ he roared. ‘And you can run back quickly here, if there’s something.’
Dena deflated. ‘Sigh. Okay.’
She set a quick pace and ran forward, taking good long strides with a animalistic gait. Her hair flew behind her and she felt as though she had full freedom when she ran.
She finally came to a halt, her heel rubbing the floor so hard that the sound of screech was heard.
‘All right there?’ Came Ren’s voice. ‘Did something eat you? Still alive?’
Dena heard a few sniggers.
‘heheheh..Hey, ouch. Stop that Mina! Stop pinching me! Okay. Fine! Sorry Dena, ‘kay? Leave me. Ow!’ That was Ren’s voice.
Smiling slightly Dena stepped forward. Her smile widened it awe.
‘Guys come here!’ she whispered, her voice echoing in the dark cave. There was a pink-purple crystal, branching right from the ground, nearly three feet tall. It had a mesmerizing look and Dena felt that it was really amazing. It looked dazzling and shiny without any light reflecting on it.
She heard shuffling of foot and gasp and “oohs” and “aaahs” as the other Animos spotted the rock.
‘Umm…’Nova said, breaking everyone from their thoughts about the crystal. ‘Time to finish the job which we’re here for.’



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