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Animos #9

Dena’s sight blacked in and out as she tried to gain back her consciousness. Slowly, the white fog faded from her eyes and the world stopped spinning. She sat upright, leaning against something behind her. She groaned, and opened her eyes slowly, adjusting to the lighting in that place.
She heard shuffling of footsteps as someone scrambled next to her.
‘Dena. Dena, you’re wake! You all right?’ she heard a panicked voice. Her eyes flitted slowly.
‘Mina! Are we dead?’ she asked groggily.
‘Oh, you were just passed out. Its fine.’
Dena looked around. ‘Where exactly are we?’ she said. They were in a cage.
A heavy metal knitted like net in a sphere- like shape with a flat bottom.
‘I don’t know. For all I know, we were shot from Ben’s pistol and when I woke up we three were here.’ she said.
Mina pointed at the far corner, where a girl sat silently, her arms wrapped around her knees.
‘Her name is Cheryl. I asked her about her ability but she didn’t reply. I guess she’s just shocked about being in here.’ she whispered.
‘Don’t think that I didn’t hear you’ Cheryl said, startling them. ‘I am an Animos eagle.’
Dena gazed at her, mildly surprised. ‘I can fly’ Cheryl declared, a slight smile appearing on her face for the first time.
‘So if you can fly, and I can run fast, there could be a way out of this cage.’ I said quickly, my heart thumping. Mina nodded.
Cheryl walked to the wall of the cage and placed her hand on the bars. Maybe she’s trying to break them or something, thought Dena.
But the moment Cheryl’s hand pressed on the bars, she sprang back looking terrified, without a horrible yelp. ‘Oh crap! The rods are electrified! We can’t do a thing!’
Just at the moment, the door of them room which they were caged in opened slightly, letting in a beam of light.
‘So you’re awake from your dream now’ Ben sneered. Nearly 6 foot tall, framed on the door, he certainly looked scary.
But who followed him looked even more scary.
‘Dr Frank!!’ Dena cried.

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