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Animos #10

‘Yeah…yeah… Doctor Fwank …’ Ben smirked, laughing like a villain.
But then, he was.
Dena ignored Ben and yelled over the bars.
‘Frank! Dr Frank?! You all right?’ she asked, nervously. Frank stirred. He looked bad, with soot marks on his face and a great ugly purple eye. Ben who was holding Frank by his elbow dropped him down on the floor.
He looked up at the cage of Animos and smirked.
‘I have a surprise for you…’ he said, almost bouncing with happiness. Rotten happiness.
‘What’s that now? You’re gonna put us up to the front of a circus show or something?’ Cheryl spat.
Ben tutted loudly.
‘Nu-uh’ He strode forward near the spherical cage and placed his hands on the bars, gripping them firmly. His pulled his lips tightly on his teeth and struck the most animalistic expression Dena has ever seen.
‘But you’ll lurve it.’ He said. He walked backwards, his eyes fixed on them.

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