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Animos #7

Dr. Frank busy now?’ Dena asked the front desk, closely followed by Mina. A man in his early twenties, sitting in front of the computer responded.
‘No. May I know the patient’s problem so that I might recommend a better doctor than Frank?’ He sneered.
‘No thanks.’ She said breathlessly and dragged Mina along with her
We ran past the patients and staircases and finally reached his room.
‘Frank! Dr. Frank!’ Dena banged it open. Frank who was examining a piece of paper looked alarmed. ‘What, may I know, is that you want know, child?’ He asked me.
‘Sir, I found the fish Animos. This girl, Mina-‘ Frank stood up, shock and sorrow reflecting his face. Dena knew what he was thinking about, the first injection which went wrong.
‘We need to know what is a serum and a bit more about this Animos.’ Mina asked him enthusiastically. Frank nodded gravely. ‘But you wouldn’t tell it to others. Sjhut the door behind you.’
Mina did it.
‘Many years of research and exploration was needed in the formation of an animal serum. I had to study the DNA closely and many other habits of the animals. Then I had to collect samples of the animal, like its foot prints, the left over food which it last ate and other stuff. And finally, using a very very complex procedure, cells of the animal were removed and mixed with a certain chemicals to get a serum. And remember, animal serums did not fill bottles. They were only just a few milliliters and having sharp colors.’
Mina and Dena nodded.
‘After the wretched Ben, my son’ he added after noticing their confused faces. ‘forced me to inject the serums into the newborns, we realized that their power will come to the surface firstly when they are at the age of 13. Ben wanted an army. And Ben’s intelligent and brainy. He mixed a tiny bit of all the serums and injected it into a crystal rock. And with many other chemicals and work of scientific research, he made it possible to control the Animos with the rock.
But it had some limitations. He could control the Animos only when their power had reached the surface…which tells perfectly why he couldn’t control you all the time. He has hidden in it in the Dark cave of the Flencia mountains. And that’s some few miles from here.’ He took a deep breath and looked regretful.
‘So by now Ben should have started controlling us, right?’ Dena asked.
‘Yes, He will start it soon and when he does, only the lord knows what will happen to you and the world.
‘Now where is Ben?’ Mina asked quickly.
‘The devil, is the man in the front desk.



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