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Animos #6

Dea decided that it was time to get sharp to the point and that there was no other way.
‘Look, you might think I’m playing a prank on you or something, but please try to believe me. You…You…You’ve got gills.’ Dena said numbly and looked carefully at the girl. She looked abashed. Slight tears filled her eyes.
‘What the hell! I’m sorry! I didn’t want to make you cry! I am so so sorry.’ Dena told her looking remorse.
‘No. Its not because of you… It…it is really weird looking, gills.’ Dena was taken aback. ‘And I visited many doctors. All they told me was that this was some weird skin infection without cure. I was so miserable. Everyone teases me about that. They say I am ugly.’ The girl had not cried, but she seemed raging now. The girl had big beautiful eyes and wavy dark hair, which was nowhere near ugly.
‘See, but you’ve got gills not because of any infection. But because…because you’ve got the genes of a fish. You’re an Animos.. You are powerful.’ That got that girl’s attention.
‘I am a what?’ she asked, a fire burning beneath her eyes.
‘An Animos. An Animos is someone who has the genes of animals. Not by birth, but artificially injected. I have genes of a cheetah. You aren’t the only one in the world. There are quite a good number of them like us.’ And then Dena was off telling her everything which Dr. Frank had told her.
‘So how do you make a serum?’ she asked interestingly, totally forgetting about the gills.
‘That’s something which you have to ask Frank. We’re going to visit him, if you wish. Wanna come?’ Dena asked.
‘Yes please!!’ she smiled. She went to change to dry clothes.
‘Hey, one minute, what is your name?’ Dena asked remembering the first question she should have asked.
‘I’m Mina.’

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