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Animos #5

Dena needed some time to process all the over-excess information she had gathered, and the only place which she found soothing and one with herself, was either outdoor or in a water body.
‘Mom. Mom I’m going to the pool. Mo-‘ She stopped mid-sentence. Her mother was weeping. ‘Mom! Why are you-‘
Her mom wrapped her in a hug. ‘Oh my god. Does this have to happen to you?’
‘No mom, but I’ll use it. I’ll use it in the way it’ll profit me.’ I gave her a reassuring smile and went to the pool.
The pool was most of the time crowd-less, like today, with just a couple of people; Dena and another girl.
Dena sat on the side of the pool, kicking the water slightly with her legs. She thought deeply.
So if Dr. Frank had hid it all these years from everyone, why had he told confessed it to me? But he was innocent, having his son forcing him to do the evil. So what exactly was a serum and how was it made? If I’ve been injected by cheetah’s serum and another girl with the fish’s, then what other animals’ serum must have been injected?
She gazed into the water. The other girl and the only other one in the pool jumped into the water. Dena saw her swim agilely. All swift and quick movements almost as though she had been born to swim. As she swam to wards Dena, she noticed something behind her ears. Gills?! She almost swam like a fish. A fish!
Dena stood up so quickly, that she nearly fell into the water.
‘Excuse me, can I talk with you?’ She stammered to the girl swimming. The girl turned towards her and nodded and swam towards Dena with a confused face. Dena never really had a friend, so she found it difficult to talk with others.
The girl climbed onto the floor. ‘Yes. What do you want?’ she asked quietly.
Dena thought of asking her if she has gills behind her ear, but it wouldn’t be a good thing to ask right now. ‘
‘You swim like a fish.’ she said.
‘Thank you.’ she replied but at the mention of fish, she looked slightly frustrated.

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