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The sing-song voice

I want to dream and sing aloud

But I wasn’t blessed to do that now…


No voice as smooth as a damsel’s

No voice as sweet as almonds

No voice to even speak nice

Ah, what a tragedy of my life!


The sing song voice,

I want it now!

I want to sing

to feel that mesmerizing joy

rising from my throat

To feel that burning fire of warmth,

and the songs to sing and things to gloat!



A Capricorn, December born, love writing poems and stories. Music, Art, and Chocolates are important elements of my daily life. While I am crucially deciding on what new to write, I spend my time with my best friends who are competing for the post of Most Craziest, yet the Best and Awesome Best Friend. The aim is to change the world into a better place to live in and the motto is to "be the change."

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