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Vampire thief

4:30 AM.

I hid behind the tree silently as I saw the masked man threaten a commoner. He grabbed his cash purse and waved his knife near the commoner’s neck, muttering something with glee. The commoner positively trembled with fear.

I just peeped there, I couldn’t do a thing, me myself being a frail coward teen boy. I looked up, the clouds fazed away and the sun rose into the sky, the light filtering through the tree leaves.

There was a sudden movement and a quickly glanced at the pair of them.  The masked man glanced up and even though he was masked, I could see fear pulsing through him. His hand trembled and the commoner seemed too petrified to make a run for it while his attacked was distracted.

Slowly something seemed to grow around the masked man’s skin and his eyes widened beneath his mask. He looked around and he suddenly spotted me behind the tree. I was stunned. He was astonished.

He frantically looked around and as the seconds passed, I saw his skin reflecting light, they were shimmering…like sequins. The commoner muttered some words with fear.

The masked man loosened his grip on the commoner’s neck and I saw his eyes relax silently, he grinned beneath the mask.

The masked man raised his arm, which was now just a blinding flash of silver, and slashed the knife on the commoner’s neck.

The man kneeled on the ground and cried of pain and fear. The masked man’s grin was crooked now. He pulled the purse of money and , to my astonishment, disappeared in a swish of cloak.

I just stared after him, a silence reverberating only punctuated by te commoner’s wails…The masked man’s a vampire.


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