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Blogger Recognition Award


Thanks a looooooot! A lot! A lot and  a lot and a lot, Kamakhya for nominating me to this award! I’m really honored to receive this award from you! His blog is a canvas of beautiful written poems filled with memories and delight. They are lovely and I suggest every one reading this to pay a visit to his blog!

I remember the day I started bloggin…  13th March 2016, just a few months back. And when I made my first post, I was so delighted, ’cause I now have my very own room in this big internet world were I can showcase my talents!

And the next time I checked open my blog, I was shocked! One blogger likes my post! My very first post! I was overjoyed!

And now I have come a long way since that time and I appreciate every one of your visit to my blog. Thanks dear blogging friends, if I have grown in my poetic skills and if I’ve improved my way of speaking, then the glory goes to every  single blogger reading this! I’ve grown only due to your likes, comments and most important those encouraging words.

Thanks again everybody and especially Kamakhya .

And yeah, I was asked to give two piece of advice for new bloggers. firstly, this is the first time I’m asked to give advice, so I assume this is a sign of respect! 😛

  1. I say that you have to tag and categorize every single post you write, because that’s how your posts reach other people.
  2. I also suggest that you read other people’s blog, like and comment their posts and follow them. By reading posts you get inspiration to write new stuff and when your posts are good and fresh, you have good audience!

So…Time for the nomination. I nominate-








To accept your award You Must :

(1) write a post to show your Award

(2) Acknowledge the Blogger that nominated you

(3) Give a brief story about how you get started blogging

(4) Give two pieces of Advice for new bloggers

(5)  Nominate the deserving 15 bloggers (But I’m nominating only 7)

Happy Blogging .



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