The princess to the stall!

I’m finally moving outta the

Cemented, magnificent walls,

But, I really am leaving with an entourage

Though I’m just going to visit the stalls

I ride the dark, black horse

With ‘em armed forces

Though I’m a princess,

I will not wear that flowing dress.

Cuz let me be on my own,

On my way to the stall!

As the others ride behind me,

I am the first to foresee

The effect of the villagers,

At the sight of me

They scurry from here to there,

Trying to sell me their ware,

But it’s just that foreign seller stall,

Which attracted me from all!

The smell of saffron and salt

Camphor and horse,

 Chili and polished rice

The smell wafting from spice!

So I buy a big purse

Of everything there,

Except the horse!

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