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“A friend is really valuable…You would know that if you were me…”



Ha ha ha!!! 😀

But its true…having lost really wonderful friends, when my family shifted to this place…I hated having moved to this place. Then I found a fake friend here. And then, I found two gems, right here. And mind you, I was searching for friends for nearly one year and 4 months! 🙂

Wonderful friends, who don’t tell on you when you do the math homework at the last moment, Wonderful friends who lie a million times to save you, wonderful friends who make fun of you when you cry (To cheer you up, of course!), Wonderful friends who pick you up when you fall down (and then push you! 😀 Ha!), Wonderful friends who have answer to every problem…

Three cheers to my CN and NH!

P.S They are the initials of the…

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