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Being Happy!

Jazz Lily

Enjoy everything

Become the only light

Lift your head up,

With the only great joy!

But during math class,

Put your head along

Cuz if your too happy,

The next algebraic question is yours~!


You have to be happy always! For no reason, you needn’t care. Happiness has a great effect on you. It changes everything. And you can just pretend to be happy, because, you’ll have to keep acting perfectly well to pretend that you are happy. SO that’ll give you more than a dozen reasons to be happy!

You can take an example with me and my friends. We laugh for no reason. Not that loudly that it’ll get us into trouble…But its like…cool, when you’re happy!  And being happy in school, gives me dozen more reasons to attend school, happily!

P.S   You gotta be kidding, If you say that my brain needs fixing

😉      …

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A Capricorn, December born, love writing poems and stories. Music, Art, and Chocolates are important elements of my daily life. While I am crucially deciding on what new to write, I spend my time with my best friends who are competing for the post of Most Craziest, yet the Best and Awesome Best Friend. The aim is to change the world into a better place to live in and the motto is to "be the change."

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