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Fight’s plight

Jazz Lily

They are fighting always

Like fire raging around

Nights or days, no time range

why is hatred here abound?

They were bound together,

Sworn to eternal life

They did love each other,

Now what’s with the husband and wife

Mom and Dad

why do you fight?

You taught us that its bad

but do you know about the plight which imprints our heart when you fight?

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A Capricorn, December born, love writing poems and stories. Music, Art, and Chocolates are important elements of my daily life. While I am crucially deciding on what new to write, I spend my time with my best friends who are competing for the post of Most Craziest, yet the Best and Awesome Best Friend. The aim is to change the world into a better place to live in and the motto is to "be the change."

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