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The Earring- Chapter 9

Ria’s P.O.V
The sea water splashed and sloshed on the sides of the boat. My friends were rowing the boat as fast as humanly possible, while I sat there, still thinking about my lucky escape.
We reached the shore in a speeding second and I saw the coach standing there with a clipboard in his hands. The boat gently rocked near the harbor as the coach tied the boat. I was glad to get out of the rocking water.

‘So, you’ve all gone to the first exp—What on earth happened to you?!’ He screamed noticing that we are all frightened and wet and panting.
‘Explain!! Explain it!’ he roared.

I launched into an explanation. ‘We reached our limit line in the ocean and by then Ryan was rowing the boat. But it became difficult to control the boat due to waves. We all tried rowing back to the limit, but it was impossible.’ Ryan quickly looked up at me when I lied. But I ignored him. I wasn’t really going to tell on someone who saved me from being the shark’s prey. ‘And then we decided to fish. That’s when we saw a shark speeding towards us an-‘

‘You what?!’ he rumbled.’ You went that far where you can find sharks! You idiots!! If it wasn’t possible to stay on the limit, then why didn’t you row back here.’The coach glared at us. I wanted to fire back, but knew that it wasn’t a good idea.

‘You were in mortal threat! What is this now! Nothing’s every happened like this before! You have detention! You’ve got to clean the beach. Start right now. Go!!.’ He stormed out to his cabin, his face flushing with anger.

I threw the coach a filthy look, and turned to Ryan. ‘You know what, you could have rather let me drown instead of saving my life. In that case, I wouldn’t have to clean this extra large beach.’ I shot at him, expressing my whole anger on the only person who saved my life.

‘Oh no! How could I have left you drown?’ He asked, looking alarmed. There was a slight pause.

‘Why couldn’t you?’ I asked, my eyes narrowing suspiciously.

He looked taken aback. ‘Because…Because I…I…uh..I…’.

Mark gave a high pitched deliberate cough and he wolf whistled. I looked at Mark, and then back at Ryan.

Ryan was blushing?!!

Mark laughed.
The others started laughing too. I joined them, not wanting to look like a fool.

After a few minutes of good relief with laughter, we all heard a door bang open and the coach screamed. ‘Are you gonna start the cleaning or not??!!’

We scrambled quickly in different direction to start cleaning.

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