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The Earring – Chapter 3

Ria’s P.O.V
Ta dah! mom allowed me to go fishing and boating along with my friends. The Ocean Rotary Club says that children at the age of 12-13 should go on an expedition to the sea without the accompaniment of an adult. This way we will learn things which we should be knowing as the inhabitants of this sea shore. They call this as the “Glorious Ocean Expedition”.

So we are all set. Its sort of a sturdy and fine boat which is going to be carrying 9 of us, aged 12.

Mom was so anxious about sending me even though its sort of, like part of our education. All we were going to do learn to be a bit good in fishing, boating and in an emergency, swimming. I thought this was a brilliant idea.

Our scrutinizer told us to be in the harbor by 8:30 in the morning. I hung my bag on my back and walked to the harbor leaving behind a very nervous mother, a proud father going to his factory and a tiny twit for a brother who wouldn’t help me fill my water bottle (I was busy.)

‘Haaaw’ I yawned widely, the morning air lashed through my face. I hated the smell of morning air.

‘Hey Ria! Ria! Wait up!’ I looked back quickly to see Sonya panting up to catch up with me. She was one among my friends here.

‘Hey Sonya. What’s up?’ I asked her. ‘Nothing. Except the fact that we are lucky to be going to the expedition with our friends. They usually sort us, but this time they didn’t. I mean, yeah we are with Ivy, but I don’t think you’ll prefer the others. And, Fiza is down with cold, so there will be 8 of us, only!’ she said, finally catching up with me and we started walking to the harbor a little quickly.

‘Really? 8? So we’ll be travelling with-?’ I inquired. ‘-with Ivy, Ruby, Grace, Mark and Ryan.’

‘What! What what what!!! Whaaaaaat! I thought this expedition will be wonderful! We are with the showoffs Ruby and Grace and the boys! Yuck!’ I groaned.

We reached the harbor. Everyone was assembled, carrying their bags. Ivy waved at us quickly. We joined her. As I had expected, Grace and Ruby were talking very loudly about how they had discovered some treasure, which I am sure is a lie. The boys were in a corner, talking to each other, being outnumbered 5 to 2.

‘Ok, so everyone get on to the boat. There’s the life guard vest, wear that now and be smart with what you do in the ocean. Remember, we know that you like motor boats, so we have fixed you manual ones. So, take turns in rowing. There is one pair of oars for rowing and two more pairs for any emergency. The fishing rods and other things are inside the boat. A bit deep, then you might be a goner. So better be at the right place, fish the right way and return at the right time, half past one. On board now.’ said the scrutinizer, enthusiastically.

I looked into the water for a second. This is going to be fun I thought as I saw my single silver earring glinting in the sunlight.

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