The Earring – Chapter 1

Ria’s P.O.V
Hmmm…This is getting really boring. How many days do I have to come to the beach market and sell my stuff and go? It’s so boring. Today, I am going to the sea shore, no matter what!
My family lives near the Great ocean. My dad works in a factory, a bit far away from the shore. I am an eight grader, right now enjoying the holidays. Mom says that I’ve a lot of free time and am creative, so I can use my sense profitably. So I make and sell ornaments out of sea shells to the market near the shore. I have a really huge and beautiful collection of seas shells too. I have a little brother, who is small and feeble, but a real pain in the neck. We live in a house near the sea and I love my house. Mom always wants me to come home directly after selling the sea shell ornaments in the market. And that really sucks, because you have to stand in a queue for a long time, sweating, while people come and enjoy in the beach. So today, in this very cool morning, I am going to the shore, no matter what!
I set the empty basket, which earlier contained my ornaments on a table by the side. Then I skipped delightfully to the ocean. The salty smell actually enthralls my senses. The people around me, mostly tourists were lazing on the sand. I removed my sandals and stepped on to the water. The waves rolled and washed my feet. I smiled delightfully and walked a bit deep into the ocean, so that the water level went near my knees. This is so cool! I love the feeling of water washing my feet. I looked at my reflection. I have black dark hair till my shoulders and pale honey colored eyes which are not common in the place where I live. My skin has a light brown tinge due to the sun near the ocean.
‘Aah!’ I gasped suddenly, and looked quickly at my feet. My eyes widened with fear. The sea water was translucent, which let me see what just caused me to gasp. It was a glass bottle.
I heaved a great sigh of relief. I actually have a real fear of sea creatures, even though I live near the sea. I fear it so much that I swim just near the shore. I groped into the ocean and grabbed the bottle.
It was a corked bottle, with a dark tinted glass. I couldn’t see what was inside. The bottle was slippery due to light growth of weeds. I uncorked the bottle, hoping some treasure map. Hot air whizzed out of it. But there was something inside. I upturned the bottle and something fell into my hand. A small piece of paper and a silver circular small earring.
I stared at it for sometime before I opened the paper. In it, written in small curvy writing, were words.
Pick one among the earrings
and cork the bottle with the other things
Let the bottle sail
it wouldn’t fail
to send the other, the other earring
I gazed at the earring. There was only one. Does that mean that the other earring was already taken by someone? Hmm…
The earring is cool and wearing one earring is the most coolest thing! So I fastened the earring on my one ear. I grinned at my reflection in the sea, I looked cool as I always wanted to.
Suddenly I felt a sudden spark in my ear, where I had fastened the new earring. ‘Ouch!’ My hands shot up to my ear. But the pain stopped at once. It had disappeared as fast as it had come. Maybe I had imagined it. I hopped back home, not forgetting to take my basket with me.
Miles and miles away, a girl called Jessica woke up suddenly with a start.
‘Ouch! What, this spark from my earring?’

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