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A question please!!

I have a question which is, well, silly and funny, but I want answers!!! All sorts! Wacky, funny, truthful, scientific etc.

So the question is…

What if the sun stops rising and setting?





Answers in the comment section please!! Every answer is always welcome!!

You confused friend,



12 thoughts on “A question please!!

  1. The Sun never started moving at all…😜😜. Until the sun is up there, Earth can never really stop… Nice thought, I mean making posts like this makes it interactive..πŸ˜„

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    1. Thank you! For both the answer and commenting! But I heard that sun is rotating in its own axis and it has a strong gravitational pull which keeps the planets revolving round it…

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      1. If earth stop suddenly then everything on surface will be maintain the momentum in that direction and hence many things fly out and earth’s water will get displaced and form a huge tsunami for the world. I am not expert just my assumption. πŸ˜€

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